Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Myspace starts charging $21.00 per month - hoax

--------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: *****
Date: Jul 10, 2006 8:32 PM

Myspace is starting to charge !!!
Body: Myspace is starting to charge !!!
Listen everyone, Myspace has been bought out once again by a larger company. Although I still will be fixing all problems and
still be in charge, this large company believes they need to start charging. The new price will be $ 21.00 a month, However Ive
decided to make a deal and give some of you a break. The first 8,000 people to post this bullentin saying Myspace is
starting to charge !!! will still be able to have everything for free!
Sorry for the inconvience.
Please Repost!

Obviously this is a fake message and hoax just for trying to get people leaving myspace. Rumours, rumours, rumours.... and there's keystroke mistake on message... "bullentin" ... lol.

How dumb some myspace users actually are, when they forward this message? :D

Internet makes you dumb! Indeed.


  1. Here's list of other hoaxes spreading on myspace.com
    Hoaxes I have seen posted:
    Body: This is a list of HOAXES I have seen posted in bulletins this week.

    If any of you see any of these bulletins posted, message the person that posted it that they just posted a hoax so that they can delete it and if they don't, delete them.........

    Remember, if you repost a hoax, you only hurt your friends because only your friends can see your bulletins so you'd be better off telling them that what they posted is a hoax if someone tells you.....so that they can remove it from their bulletin list.

    15 Pics if you "Do whatever" is a HOAX, you can get 24 personal pics by doubling up on the 12 you may have now. You can double up by putting the html code for a pic in the description(caption) of another pic. You can get 24 Top Friends by selecting that number from the drop down box in your friend's list.

    A Rapist on MySpace..........now I don't doubt that there is one but it's not the one listed in the bulletin that everyone keeps posting along with the name of a law enforcement person etc.........

    Don't Add "SOMEONE's Name" cause it's a virus.......you cant get a virus from adding someone any more than you can get VD from a toilet seat.......this bulletin is designed to hurt the party listed......... (Let's all sing together, "Tilly is NOT a virus, Tilly is NOT a virus....")

    TOM is Pissed..............no doubt he is but more probably because bulletins are flying around saying he is and that if you don't repost the bulletin, he'll delete you.............

    TOM is charging money so repost that bulletin and he wont...... Come on, I know you are brighter then that!!! (Aren't you?)

    Bryan Warner-----------simply doesn't exist!

    The SWIFFER WET JET wont kill your child, your dog, or your goldfish but it just may suck up that dead bug on your floor.....

    Your Cell phone will mysteriously ring if you post a bulletin? PLEASE?????????????

    Any and ALL Profile Tracker bulletins, Trackers don't work and they are illegal...........

    When you see a bulletin or an email for that matter that says "Give this to all your friends! Urgent! Repost Now! etc, an alarm should go off and you should do a Google search on a few on the key words in the bulletin to try and ascertain it's authenticity, just don't fall for a sad story.....trust but VERIFY!

    Now that's all I can think of at the moment but if any of you can think of more, add them to this bulletin and repost it for your friends...........

    OH!!! and one more thing............

    I am NOT a "Fake friend" of your's! But I'm NOT going to repost any bulletin because it says I have to in order to prove myself to you.........I am a good friend of your's, as good as you allow me to be considering this is the Internet and all, and I will be so long as you allow me to be but if you ever get tired of being my friend you can delete yourself just as easily as you added yourself.........

    Thanks for King of Chalatot for sharing this info.

  2. I have had first hand experience of a myspace virus. It sent four messages to other people who I had never messaged or looked at saying "way better than myspace". It only happened after accepting a new friend who requested out of the blue (like these Masumi Max or Tila Tequila model type people). What can I say, I liked the look of em. I cant say it was that that did it but if such a virus did exist the best way to make it work is to make people think its fake. To paraphrase "the greatest trick the Devil ever played was to convince the world he didn't exist" or something like that.

    Such viruses (virii?) can exist in theory through malicious code and in view of how much people do actually know about code etc. then the best warning is not to patronise people as "thick" or "morons" but to help them. Its like laughing at an Hep-C victim because they were never taught how they could catch it. Or Clamydia because they didn't know their partner had it because they didn't know either.

    I wish people would stop patronising and taking the p*ss. If their car breaks down, does the AAA take the p*ss out of them because they can adjust the mixture in the carb.

    Grow up, help people and if you are wrong, apologise by all means. You would not tell people about a virus because you are dumb or whatever, its because you care. If you misled someone maliciously that just makes that person a c*nt anyway.

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  4. most likely, the "virus" wasn't a virus after all...someone probably phished your myspace password and was using you for spam. easy fix, change your password.

    viruses just don't work that way.

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  6. I have been in alo of bulletins where they tell a story that a girl and boy move on and the boy kills the girl and if you dont "anonnamos' will kill you. NOT TRUE! theyre just a joke/hoax. don't be scared. there not true!!!!

  7. Here's one I found on my bulletin board on Myspace.....lolz.

    hacker alert: don't add this person if a boy called KURT CHAPMAN adds u don t accept it because its a hacker!! Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them u get them on your list he ll figure out Your ID computer address, so copy and paste this message to everyone even if u don t care for them and fast cause if he hacks their email he hacks your mail"


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